Battling the Flu with Natural Home Remedies

Battling the Flu with Natural Home RemediesUnless you have been living under a rock, which might be a good alternative, you have definitely heard that flu season is here early and in full force. You can’t treat it with antibiotics and if you missed getting the flu shot and you do land the flu, your family physician does have antiviral drugs that can shorten the time if taken right away. If you are still stuck with the flu, it may be time to turn to your kitchen to help you through the flu season for natural home remedies.

As the flu usually manifests in dry nasal passages and throats, drink at least eight glasses of water, decaffeinated tea and/or juices throughout the day. Drink more if you have a fever. If you have a sore throat, sip your beverage while it is hot with a touch of honey.

Your family physician wouldn’t frown on Grandma’s chicken soup as one of your natural home remedies. Hot chicken soup raises the temperature in your throat and nose creating an unfavorable environment for the virus. The steaminess also thins out mucus making it easier to blow your nose. Finally, the soup inhibits white blood cells that are released in large numbers when you have a cold. These white cells are what cause congestion.

Garlic has a potent antimicrobial that fends off bacteria and other viruses. Try adding cloves of garlic to your chicken soup.

Spices are another one of the natural home remedies you can try. Cinnamon, ginger and coriander promote sweat and are often used in Indian medicine to break a fever. Cayenne, horseradish and wasabi are great for unclogging your stuffy nose. Add them to a dish to spice things up. All of these condiments shrink blood vessels in your nose and throat temporarily relieving congestion.

Follow these guidelines and you may make it through the flu season without a sniffle or ache.

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Battling the Flu with Natural Home Remedies

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