Controversy over E-Cigarettes- Concrete Concerns or Mere Vapor?

Controversy over E Cigarettes  Concrete Concerns or Mere Vapor?
Nearly everything is electronic these days, so why not cigarettes too? That of course is a rhetorical question. Electronic cigarettes, popularly known as E-cigarettes, are all the rage and are even creating a rage in some circles. You just can’t please everyone, accordingly as the American pop singer Ricky Nelson opined, you’ve got to please yourself, so vape on! At least until the specters of adapted smoking regulations start to rear their unpleasant heads.
E-Cigarettes certainly appear to be a much neater and cleaner alternative to their smoky companions. If they weren’t, then why on earth, or in Europe, would the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency be rating E-cigarettes as medicines? Surely they must be healthier than the non-electronic variety. They may at least be the lesser of two evils.
After all, it was the Beatles that ejaculated; “Experts, textperts, choking smokers. Don’t you think the joker laughs at you?”
That being the case, and then being such a lesser of the proverbial two evils, that must make E-cigarettes for the greater good. And also a good way to avoid certain anti-smoking restrictions enacted in some locales. E-cigarettes could then possibly represent an overall improvement in the lot of smokers.
This is due to the avoidance of much of the bad stuff that the smoking of tobacco-burning cigarettes injects into the unfortunate smoker’s system. Except for that all-important nicotine which the smoker craves to assuage their addiction, E-cigarettes appear at this initial first blush to be, for the most part, benign.
Though the German Cancer Research Center is saying “Nein, nein!” to E-cigarettes. Because of their assertion that inhaling the glycerin that is associated with E-cigarettes is a health risk.
That E-cigarettes are receiving such a maelstrom of publicity must render them one of the top trending topics of the day. Those in the business of selling E-cigarettes may therefore believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity. With the smashing success of entrepreneurs such as Elizabeth Morgan in promoting the ascendant product, you can bet your bottom Pound that we haven’t heard the last of E-Cigarettes.

Photo ©Salvatore Vuono

Controversy over E Cigarettes  Concrete Concerns or Mere Vapor?

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